Backup Your Wallet And Restore It Elsewhere

How to backup your wallet and restore it with other crypto applications

Backup Your Wallet

Your 12-word backup phrases and private keys are the most important thing you need to know from the Lead Wallet application. Moreover, it's extremely important to save your 12-word backup phrase and private keys and never share them with anybody! If you forgot your backup upon your wallet creation, you don't need to worry. You can easily access it again under Settings in the main menu bar on the bottom
On the main menu bar, swipe right until you find Settings
After you see the Settings page like above screenshot, tap on Backup Wallet. You will be asked what backup type you want to see (mnemonics or private keys)
you can backup your mnemonics or private keys
If you decide to backup your mnemonics, you will see the Secret backup phrase page. Tap the red text Reveal your secret phase. Write it down in a physical book and never share this backup with anybody. Once someone else know your secret phrase (backup phrase), that same person will be able to access all your cryptocurrencies inside this same wallet.
If you decide to backup your private keys, you will see the Secret backup keys page. You will see two options here, the first row is to choose wallet, and the second row is to select coin. The choose wallet row will automatically detect your current active wallet inside your Lead Wallet app. For the second row (Select Coin), you want to select the specific coin/token which you want to see the private key.
For example, you want to backup your Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens' private key. In this case, choose Ethereum in Select Coin row. Then, you will be able to see your private key right under this row. Just like your backup phrase, write down the private key in a physical book and never share this private key with anybody.
You do not want to save your backup phrases and/or private keys in the cloud or email. Always make sure everything is saved offline

Restore Your Backup Elsewhere (With Other Crypto Wallet Apps)

What happens if one day you are unable to access your Lead Wallet application for some reasons? In this case, you would need to restore your wallet to other crypto applications. Fortunately, our backup phrases and private keys work with other crypto wallet applications.
When you download another crypto wallet application, usually the app has option if you want to restore a previous or existing wallet. Choose that option and write down the 12-word backup phrase from your Lead Wallet app that you have previously saved somewhere. This another crypto wallet app will be able to recognize your 12-word backup phrase and you can send/receive cryptocurrencies normally.
If this another crypto wallet application does not work with your Lead Wallet's 12-word backup phrase, you can use the private key and try to restore it with the same crypto wallet app. As we have written above, you can backup either mnemonics (12-word backup phrase) or private key.