How To Bookmark A DApp Into Your Lead Wallet App

Using Lead Wallet App As Your Daily DApp Browser

Everybody has been going very active with DeFi and GameFi projects. In fact, we are only getting started. In the future blockchain interactions would be used for all kinds of DApps (decentralized applications). Lead Wallet, of course, is trying to get into this piece of action as well. We have our DeFi Access which also acts as DApp Browser for all your blockchain needs.
In this particular guide, we will teach you how to bookmark a custom DApp URL and use it to interact with your crypto wallet.
The homepage of our DApp Browser (DeFi Access)
You start by going to our tab Defi Access and type the URL inside the search bar. Let's use an example of Pancake Swap:
If you type pancakeswap URL into the search bar, you will see the above screenshot inside our Lead Wallet application. Do you see the star button right next to the URL address above? Tap it and you don't have to do anything else. You have successfully added this DApp into your Favorites list.
The Favorites list work just like Bookmarks in browsers
Last modified 4mo ago
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