How To Restore Backup From LEAD Wallet (BETA) - old version
You read this post because there are two versions of LEAD wallet at the moment. The mainnet app and the old version (BETA). As of now, unfortunately the backup phrases from the Lead Wallet (BETA) do not work with the mainnet version. If you have some crypto assets stuck within our BETA version, these are some steps that can help you:

Use Private Keys From Your Old Wallet And Restore Them Directly With The Mainnet App

The easiest way to solve this problem is to use your private keys (not backup phrases) and restore them with the mainnet app. To do this, go to Settings. From there, find your list of wallets, and tap on Backup
Here you can see Reveal your Private Keys. Below that, there’s the text Reveal. Tap on Reveal. You will see various private keys within different networks. Let’s say your funds are stuck within some ERC-20 (Ethereum) or BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) tokens. To export your private keys elsewhere, just click the copy-paste button next to Ethereum Private Key. Next, you can open a popular Ethereum wallet application and import the private key (that you previously copy-pasted) there. For example, let’s use Metamask. You can download Metamask from Google Play Store, App Store, or just use your desktop’s Chrome browser extension. After that, open our mainnet app, and go to Settings - Manage Wallet. Tap on Restore wallet using private key
You will see this page next:
Here you can just use whatever name you want for your wallet. As for Select Coin, tap on Ethereum. And for Enter private key, paste the private key that you previously copied from the old BETA app. Once you successfully restore your old wallet address to Lead mainnet app, just select this newly restored wallet as the Default under Manage Wallet. That’s it.

Transferring Other Coins (Different Blockchains)

Above I explained how to restore the old wallets if you use Ethereum or BSC but you might be wondering what would you need to do if you need to transfer out your crypto funds outside Ethereum and BSC networks. In this case, use the same method as I explained above but you need to select different options under Select Coin. Copy the private keys from Lead Wallet (BETA) app and paste it to the mainnet app’s Restore wallet using private key.
Last modified 4mo ago
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