How To Use DeFi Access
DeFi Access / Web3 Browser Within Lead Wallet Application

How To Use DeFi Access

Our DeFi Access is designed to work as web3 browser to navigate the internet of dapps. You can go to our DeFi Access and search / type URL into the search bar or simply choose the category to continue
The main page of our DeFi Access
Let's use an example. Let's say you want to go to PancakeSwap to trade BEP-20 tokens with your Lead Wallet. To do this, tap on DEX. You will see this interface
Once you are here, you can simply tap on
Once you are inside page within our DeFi Access browser, you will see below interface. Then, what you need to do is to change the network from Ethereum to Binance
,What you need to do next is to change the network from Ethereum to Binance. And after that, please tap on Connect Wallet
Inside Connect Wallet, you can choose either Metamask or Trust Wallet. The DeFi Access browser will automatically detect your Lead Wallet address
If your DeFi Access browser successfully detect your Lead Wallet address, you will see the text Connect Wallet automatically changed to a wallet icon like above screenshot. Pancakeswap will also detect your current balance within the same wallet address.
Now you know how to use Pancakeswap within our DeFi Access, you can also try with other dapps and use the same steps.
Last modified 5mo ago
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