How To Use LEAD Swap
LEAD Swap is a mix of crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto swap combined into one same page inside LEAD Wallet application. To start using it, go find the Swap tab on the bottom nav bar.
Once you are in the Swap page, you will see two options. Crypto and Fiat. To use your fiat to purchase crypto within our application, go to Fiat tab, and choose your preferred fiat currency. Once you enter the number of fiat currency you are willing to trade to your crypto, you will see the estimated amount of crypto you are going to receive like below screenshot.
you will see total fees and the total receive amount
If you accept the conversion rate, click Buy Now blue button, and you will be asked for various information related to KYC. You will have to fill in your email address (and verify it), as well as a 4 steps KYC asking for your personal details (i.e., First Name, Last Name, mobile number, date of birth, etc.).
Once your KYC is approved, you will be able to make the purchase using our fiat-to-crypto LEAD Swap which is powered by Transak.
how the KYC steps look like within our fiat-to-crypto LEAD Swap
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