How To Trade On Uniswap Using Lead Wallet
Uniswap is one of the most popular AMM DEX-es in the world. It has successfully revolutionized the world of DEX-es (decentralized exchanges) where there's no orderbook. If you don't know or familiar with trading on Uniswap, you can learn more from this guide.
To start, we highly advise you to read our How To Use DeFi Access guide. There we use PancakeSwap as our example but here we will guide you on Uniswap. Go to DeFi Access and find DEX.
Once you are there, simply tap on
If you see above screenshot inside DEX section, tap on Uniswap as mentioned earlier.
Once you are in, you will see Uniswap typical interface like this:
When you arrive on this page, you should efresh the page by clicking the blue button on bottom-right. If you don't refresh it, the Uniswap page won't be able to recognize your wallet address within Lead Wallet app.
To swap a token on Uniswap, you just need to tap Select a token and choose which token you want to exchange to. The first row you see here is the cryptocurrency you want to trade from while the second row is the cryptocurrency you want to trade to.
Let's say you want to swap from ETH to 1INCH, you will see this interface:
Just fill out the number of ETH you want to trade to 1INCH and tap the Swap button
You will be asked for confirmation before Uniswap executes your transaction. You should be able to see liquidity provider fee, the route that Uniswap will use to execute your transaction, price impact, minimum received, and your own slippage tolerance settings. Once everything looks good, just tap on Confirm Swap button.
Once you confirm to swap here on Uniswap, you will have to wait for blockchain confirmation time. After the Ethereum blockchain has confirmed your transaction (depends on network congestion and your gas fee), you will be able to see the token that you just bought on Uniswap.
Once again, above example is using ETH to swap to 1INCH token. You can select any ERC-20 token to swap from/to on Uniswap.
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