Send And Receive Cryptocurrencies
How to use Lead Wallet application to send and receive cryptocurrencies

Receive Cryptocurrencies

After you successfully created or imported your wallet backup phrase to Lead Wallet application, you will be able to Send or Receive cryptocurrencies directly from the very beginning. The process is very straightforward from the main page.
This is the main wallet page
Once you tap Receive, you will be asked which coin or token you want to receive to your Lead Wallet application. You will see this interface:
The receive page for Lead Token
On your Receive page, you will be shown a QR code as well as your full wallet address. Simply tap on the wallet address to copy-paste it to your clipboard or scan the QR code with another device.
If you don't find the specific token you want to receive or send, just click the + button next to 'Search Coin'. For more explanation, click here to learn the tutorial

Send Cryptocurrencies

If you want to send your crypto from your Lead Wallet application to another address, the process is also fairly straightforward. From the main wallet page, just tap Send. You will be asked which coin or token to send. Once you select the coin or token to send, you will see this interface (I will use Binance Coin as our example)
The send page for BNB (Binance Coin)
Here, you simply need to paste the recipient's wallet address or simply tap the scan QR code button (next to the word Paste) to scan the recipient's wallet address QR code. Enter the amount and choose the transaction fee (whether you want to pay more to send it faster or not).
Tap Send and wait for blockchain confirmation. Upon successful transaction, you will be able to see the successful confirmation alongside the posted tx hash for you to double check with your favorite blockchain explorer.
Last modified 2mo ago